Paul Cook Voice

practise makes perfect
These quick studies can be shared and are offered freely to help students develop their sight reading skills and to provide the teacher with a useful resource. The pieces are presented merely as exercises and are not intended to be considered as songs. Piano accompaniments are written in such a way as to provide prompts for the singer, enough harmonic support but also independence from the vocal line to promote greater competence in sight reading. Usually the singer would be given five minutes to look through the exercises immediately prior to performing them. Performance directions should be observed. Can you spot the deliberate mistake in the final bar of the second quick study? Clue: anacrusis.
Mugs and Jugs Free Quick Study 1When I Went to London Free Quick Study 2Full Fathom Five Free Quick Study 3A Song About Terriers Free Quick Study 4
When I Went to the FairWhen I Went to the Fair page 2